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South Carolina is full of maker's and shakers, some using recipes that date back to the 1700s. Send someone a box of memories and delicious flavors from the Palmetto state. This gift is full of famous SC treats, part of our LOCATIONS collection.

Each Charleston gift includes:

  • BENNE WAFERS: created in the Lowcountry in colonial times.
  • CHEESE COINS: this spicy cheese cracker also has the unique flavor of the toasted Benne (sesame) seed.
  • MOLLY & ME PECANS: Praline pecans perfect to eat alone or sprinkle on ice cream.
  • MOLLY & ME PECANS: Cinnamon sugar pecans- salty sweet perfection! 
  • GREY GHOST COOKIES: Chocolate bourbon soft and chewy cookies.
  • LOWCOUNTRY PRODUCE YELLOW GRITS: Corn is grown and milled right here in South Carolina.  The miller has been doing this for almost 75 years! These are delicious for breakfast or with shrimp, of course, and you'll find shrimp & grits recipe on the back of the bag.
  • SWEETEETH CHOCOLATE BARS: 2oz bar with filling – 65% dark chocolate, peanut butter, chipotle peppers, sea salt
  • BLENHEIM'S GINGER ALE: Bottled since 1903 at South of the Border (look for the giant peach!). The natural mineral springs in Blenheim, South Carolina that are the genesis of today’s ginger ale were chanced upon in 1781 by James Spears. As legend has it, Mr. Spears lost his shoe in a water hole. When he came back later to recover his lost shoe, he sampled the water and discovered its potent mineral contents. In the 1800s, the local doctor's started supplementing the mineral water with Jamaican ginger and well, the rest is history! 
  • BULLSBAY SMOKED SALT: The original Bulls Bay Sea Salt smoked with oak. The complex taste of these beautifully dark crystals are a delightful addition to chili, rice, grilled meat, and fishes. It’s also a fantastic addition when lightly sprinkled on cold salads and cheeses.
  • A SIGNATURE WELCOME WOODEN BOX: Wooden box with a drop lid, handmade and reusable for keepsakes.
  • HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON GOLD FOILED COTTON STATIONERY: please include your handwritten note below.
  • We prepare this gift fresh upon ordering. Please allow 10 days for processing.

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