Hot Toddy

Legend states that during the Revolutionary War, colonists would use toddies as liquid courage, drinking round after round to get up the nerve to fight. The drink was typically made in a punch bowl in large amounts to accommodate the crowds that would gather at local taverns and then served in a specific type of stemmed glassware, which was itself at some point named a toddy. This gift is perfect for an individual or a couple.  Anyone who loves a "medicinal" hot toddy, a fire, and friends will enjoy our Hot Toddy gift.

Each Hot Toddy gift includes:

  • ORANGE CLOVE HOT TODDY KIT: A Soothing Tonic of Hot Water, Spices, Whiskey, and Honey. Brews 3 gallons (just add whiskey).
  • TRUBEE HONEY AND WOODEN DIPPER: TruBee honey capture the essence of a particular region and season.  Bees are in places where they can forage tulip poplar, fruit blossoms and black locust in the spring, then feast on wildflowers, herbs, and clover in the summer. Each jar of TruBee honey captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time. Given the changes in rainfall, sunshine and, of course, bloom time, the unique taste of each particular harvest may never be repeated again.
  • DIPTYQUE CANDLE: Baies scent, A Parisian bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves.
  • JAR MATCHES: The tall, square glass bottle contains 80 long wooden matches with natural stems and white tips.
  • A SIGNATURE WELCOME SIGNATURE LINEN BOX: White linen paper box with silk ribbon tie closure, handmade and reusable for keepsakes, or folds flat for storage.
  • HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON GOLD FOILED COTTON STATIONERY: please include your handwritten note below.
  • This gift is TSA Approved for carry-on luggage.

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