Mornings with Frieda

Jack's Wife Frieda cookbook brings together delicious recipes from their NYC and Nashville shops.  This winter season, whip up a batch of their infamous Orange Blossom Pancakes with this specialty orange blossom water and gourmet salt. The cookbook includes recipes like the pea and ricotta toast, roasted tomatoes and halloumi, or Emily's favorite- the peri peri chicken wings. 

Each Mornings with Frieda gift includes:

  • JACK’S WIFE FREDA COOKBOOK: Good food enjoyed with friends and family is the foundation of Jack's Wife Freda, and Maya and Dean bring the same vibrant energy and love of great cooking and healthful eating to their first cookbook. Whether you live around the corner and pop in regularly for a favorite meal or look forward to an out-of-town visit, this beautifully illustrated and user-friendly book makes it easy to eat from Jack's Wife Freda all day, every day. Plus, we bookmarked their Orange Blossom Pancakes recipe.
  • ORANGE BLOSSOM WATER: this precious and hard-to-find water is a key ingredient in your new signature pancakes.
  • TERRE EXOTIQUE SALT: gourmet salt for your gourmet creations.
  • HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON GOLD FOILED COTTON STATIONERY: please include your handwritten note below.

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