Taste of the Season

Nothing says holiday like the smell of smores, cinnamon sticks, and hot chocolate!  Give someone the tastes of the season with this gourmet gift.

Each Taste of the Season Gift includes:

  • NINETEEN27 SMORE'S KIT: We invite you, no encourage you, to partake in our artisanal, mouth-watering version of this classic American treat. All grahams and marshmallows are handcrafted from scratch using ingredients from local purveyors that provide extraordinary products.
  • TRIO OF HANDMADE CARAMELS: These caramels melt in your mouth. Sea salt, cinnamon, and our favorite rosemary truffle flavors.
  • VIDERI HOT CHOCOLATE: hand shaved chocolate for your nightly cup of cocoa.
  • MOLLY & ME: sugar and spice pecans.
  • DICK TAYLOR CHOCOLATE BAR: Only the finest bean to bar chocolate paired with a delicate hand harvested Guatemalan sea salt by Bitterman Salt Co.
  • BYRD'S: hand-baked cheddar biscuits.
  • CABOT'S PEANUT BRITTLE: Truly addictive -this rich, mouthwatering brittle is full of fresh Virginia peanuts, and cooked at just the right temperature for the perfect crunch. Finished with a sprinkling of Cape Cod sea salt, it doesn't get better than this. Eat it from the bag or add it to ice cream mmmmmm.
  • GREY GHOST CRANBERRY ORANGE COOKIES: Baked with candied orange zest, apple juice-sweetened cranberries, and roasted pecans, these sweet and tangy cookies are great right out of the bag and even better served with a tall glass of cold milk or a cup of hot tea.
  • A SIGNATURE WELCOME WOODEN BOX: Wooden box with a drop lid, handmade and reusable for keepsakes.
  • HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON GOLD FOILED COTTON STATIONERY: please include your handwritten note below.
  • HOLIDAY BOXWOODS WITH BELLS: use as a holiday door knocker.

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