Tiki Hut

Take a momentary trip to Hawaii with our Tiki Hut gift. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves a hula-themed cocktail hour, paying tribute to Laka, the goddess of song and dance.

Each Tiki Hut gift includes:

  • A SIGNATURE WELCOME GRACEY BAG: Handmade in Thailand by an artisan friend, the Gracey Bag is perfect for the beach, the boat, the market, or the day. Size: 13”x5”. Made from all-natural Jude.
  • TIKI GLASSES: Set of 4 “face” tiki glasses.
  • FLORAL GARLAND: hang up for a “just because” tiki party and folds flat to reuse again and again. Set the mood in a quick minute with this beautiful floral garland.
  • BELVOIR FRUIT FARMS: Organic Ginger Beer made with freshly sliced organic ginger, pressed organic Sicilian lemon juice and, the final magic ingredient, water straight from the natural spring that bubbles up behind Belvoir Castle. It’s certified organic & 100% natural, GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free.  Drink it chilled on its own, or mixed.
  • LAKA’S NECTAR RECIPE CARD: Use the Belvoir Ginger Beer to make this cocktail, paying tribute to Laka, the goddess of song and dance and the patroness of hula dancing.
  • HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON GOLD FOILED COTTON STATIONERY: please include your handwritten note below.

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