June 09, 2018



Spring is on the horizon, and we’re committing to the old adage, if you build it (or blog it), they will come. We’ve been channeling warmer days since our recent trip to New York, where it was just a single solitary degree outside. Just one. This shoot we’re sharing today was with our talented friend Lauren Jonas and happened to take place on one of the hottest days of the year in the Lowcountry. We were drenched in sweat and could hardly sit on the scorching, black leather seats of the delivery wagon (not to mention that shot we left off this little post in which we thought it was a good idea to perch on the car hood. OUCH). No matter what the conditions are, we always have the best time shooting with Lauren. She’s been a dear friend of ours (and even a roommate at one point!), so hanging out with her all day comes pretty naturally and with a lot of jokes.

This shoot was a reenactment of Delivery Day at A Signature Welcome. We provide our full-service clients with welcome gift hand delivery to their guests’ hotels. This requires a lot of physical labor on our end and logistics if it happens to be a destination wedding, but it makes us happy to free up each client to spend more time with their friends and family as they arrive in town for the wedding festivities.

When we’re not working on gift assembly or delivery, one of our favorite summertime activities is packing up a bag of goodies and a bottle of wine for a sunset picnic on Sullivan’s. After sweating out a couple of hours downtown, we rewarded ourselves with a picnic and dip in the ocean. Thank you, Lauren for hanging out with these two crazy bag ladies! We can’t wait for our next shoot!


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