Behind the Ribbon: Lori + Vance Welcome Gifts

February 06, 2020

Behind the Ribbon: Lori + Vance Welcome Gifts

Lori and Vance met at Duquesne nursing school. "We’d see each other out and we always had a thing for each other. We always chatted at the bars. Vance asked me to sushi and we hit it off!" says Lori. On the way to New York City for her 30th birthday last November, the couple stopped along the way at Chautauqua Lake and he proposed at Long Point State Park. "He didn’t get down on one knee, he just said “here”, but it didn’t matter! It was the most charming “here” I ever heard!" Lori gushes. 

When it came to planning they entrusted the fabulous Tim Komen of TK Event Studio.  The wedding took place first at a small ceremony at Lake Louise, Canada with immediate family and then in Pittsburgh for the big reception at the Fairmont Hotel days later on May 11, 2019. 

When we discussed the colors and theme of the wedding, Lori told us "I want it to be classy, elegant, outdoorsy, chic.... I’m picturing white flowers and lots of greenery".  Her stationery suite was marbled gold, ecru, and black paper with classic black script. She liked the idea of the welcome gift staying in the black/white/ecru color palette with a bit of national parks, a bit of Pittsburgh, and a bit of Lake Louise.  When we got to discussing the couple and their love for the outdoors, we also started to learn about their 3 girl pugs. Lori says, "They are our life! Giovanna (Gia) is 9 and she is the boss! She’s the sweetest and the smallest. 
Olivia - she is 5 and she is the protector. She loves playing with her toys nonstop and she watches TV. Darla - she is 4 and she is a wild child and the house greeter. And the house eater lol. With all the details in hand- we got started!

We kept the outside of the box classic and elegant with a black box, fresh greens, and a calligraphed tag tied on with silk ribbon. We wanted the outside to represent the elegance of the wedding weekend and the invitation suite.  On the inside, we wanted to have some fun but maintain the black and white theme!  Darla, Gia, and Olivia quickly became focal points of the gifts, and we wanted their "snacks" to be identified based on personality, but the actual snacks to be Lori and Vance's favorites.  We highlighted their love of the outdoors and "energy-based" snacks, as well as Glacier Water from Lake Louise.  Here is the "why" behind their welcome gifts- enjoy!!


  • Kettle Chips- For Darla, the house eater, and the late-night friends
  • Ostrim meat sticks- Vance's #1 snack
  • Vegan Energy Balls- For Olivia, who needs the energy for her nonstop play and for anyone going hiking during the wedding weekend
  • Trail Mix- For Gia, the smallest who will need hiking snacks, and for anyone going hiking during the wedding weekend
  • Smiley Cookies- The Smiley cookie is a trade-marked cookie that is created and distributed by Eat'n Park in Pittsburgh
  • Glacier Water from Lake Louise- a nod to the couple's nuptial location earlier in the week
  • Boost Oxygen- for the hikers, or dance floor VIPs!
  • Revelry + Remedy kits- all the amenities needed after a night of good fun!
  • Weekend Itinerary

Thank you to Tim Komen and to Lori and Vance for letting us be a small part of your magical weekend! xx 

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